What is UltimateTrader.club?
It is a Fifa investing and trading community site where users share thoughts and ideas in order to get the best trading and investing experience in FUT game mode.
How do I register?

You register completely for free on our site under the register icon in the top right corner.

I'm having registration problems
Make sure to check if you entered the right e-mail. If you didn't get the verification e-mail please check your spam folder. If you didn't get the approval please register with a new e-mail and account. If the problem stil persist contact Ultimate Trader support.
How can I subscribe to a pro trader/investor?
You subscribe to pro traders and investors under their profile page. Click on the subscribe button and you will be redirected to the fastrping.com checkout where you're subscription will be charged.
I'm having problems with subscribing?
If there are problems with payments make sure to contact fastspring support under our support section > Subscription problems
Can I have multiple accounts on your site?
Running multiple accounts on our site is against our terms and conditions, please make sure that you have only one active account.
Can I post my trading methods and investment tips?
It is highly desirable that you contribute to the community and post any content involving the fifa ultimate team trading/investing game mode.
Can I upload videos on your site?
You can share videos from third party sites. Please read the terms and conditions before posting content.
Can I upload pictures on ultimatetrader.club?
Yes you can post pictures up to 10MB size. Please read the terms and conditions before posting content.
What is ultimate trader journal?

It is the most advanced feature on our site. It allows you to track the players you buy and sell in your club in order to have an overview of how much profit have you made. It is also a great tool for pro traders to show users how they are managing their club.

Who can see my ultimate trader journal entries?
Everyone can read your ultimate trader journal entries.
Why can't I see the UT journal entries from people who have a subscribe button?
In order to keep pro traders motivated in providing you with the information of how they're managing their clubs, we need to support them with subscriptions. Subscribing to any of the pro traders/investors you directly support their work.
Can I get partnered?
You can get partnered if you have the following:
1. A decent amount of followers on ultimatetrader.club
2. A channel (youtube, twitter, twitch,..) on which you explain trading and investing methods, with a big range of followers.
If you're a good trader make sure to build up your audience on our site and continue providing ultimate trader with good content.
Can I sponsor Ultimate Trader?
If you have a channel and you would like to take part in our affiliate system, make sure to send an e-mail to info@ultimatetrader.club
I'm having technical issues with the site

Please try and delete your browser history and try loading the site again. If the problems persist please don't hesitate to contact support@ultimatetrader.com